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One Love Accommodations 21 Hour Retreats

Enjoy the Temple Retreat in one of our VIP RETREATS

Imagine staying 21 hours or 7 days in the temple.

One Love VIP Retreats

There is nothing as exceptional as staying at the One Love Temple of Sea Mountain just minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

A lifestyles experience.

One Love Las Vegas Nude Lifestyles Temple VIP Retreats

Imagine 21 hour access to the most magical sensual clothing optional Temple in the USA. Book your supreme meditation raucous retreat call 702-497-2936 for immediate service.One Love Lifestyles Temple Las Vegas

  • 777 Ultimatum – 5 Star accommodations.
  • 4-Point awarded accommodations best of Yahoo best of Travel and Leisure most romantic Los Angeles Times.
  • Private VIP entry to main pool or views of nude pool or nude spa with special VIP hours and seating.
  • Our private estate has private areas with private bathrooms.
  • Asian décor awarded Buddha One world art and magical clothing optional Las Vegas nude resort gardens and waterfall entry.
  • Private bathrooms with high end art and fixtures.
  • Designer bedding and 5 diamond sheets Ritz Charlton and Four Seasons.
  • State of the art air and heat climate control.
  • Sea Mountain Comfort Robes.
  • Plush Sea Mountain slippers.
  • Color flat-screen LCD TV.
  • Complimentary spa, pools entry and event entry and special Dharma Room VIP seating.
  • In-room refrigerator.
  • Platinum complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • 24-hour club One Love Temple Gardens access and VIP Las Vegas Nude Resort Plush VIP seating.
  • Morning meals, 24 hour snacks and beverages are exclusively yours In our private retreat for those with a personal invitation from your hosts.

One Love Accommodations1-1

Your Private Retreat package price includes:

  • Sea Mountain One Love Breakfast daily.
  • Unlimited SMI beverages and lunch delivered daily.
  • Daily reception.
  • Dewey Wi-Fi-33 complimentary.
  • Complimentary VIP Parking.
  • Complimentary meditation classes during stay if classes are occurring.
  • 24 hour access to VIP One Love Rejoice Dance Dharma club.
  • 24 hour access to nude mineral waters pool and spa.
  • Las Vegas’ ONLY 24 hour pool Mikvah (All other pools in the desert seem to close by 7PM and all winter heated hot, these are yours all night).
  • Feel the vibe of Jamaica or Cancun’s Desire.
  • Unlimited iced teas and coffee.
  • Full use of all VIP rooms and Lifestyles Temple Areas.
  • Meditate on your private day bed and cabana (Sea Mountain Cabanas available for donation from 10am to 3am).
  • No worries about finding the private space.
  • Each cabana booking includes Wi-Fi-33.
  • Rejoice in dance nights access.
  • Lunch for two.
  • Unlimited fruits exclusive pool side amenities.

Request a 21 hour Retreat

call 702-497-2936 for immediate service.

Sea Mountain One Love Lifestyles Temple Las Vegas


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